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Lila Walter, of Alexandria, VA, is a well-known lover of fashion and design but has always had a special place in her heart for exploring and seeing different cultures, even when traveling within her own country. She is studying fashion at High Point University. 

When Lila was younger, her family made it a goal to visit all 50 states. One of her favorite memories from that time period was the fact that the kids were always involved in every aspect of the family vacation. From planning the trips and picking the hotels and the rooms, to choosing which states they wanted to visit each time. They ended up visiting 46 states, with the only remaining ones being Alaska, Nebraska, Idaho, and North Dakota. She fell in love with national parks after seeing Yellowstone, Glacier National Park, and the Redwoods.

Throughout the years, Lila’s travels were not confined to just domestic trips. She has been fortunate enough to experience parts of Europe as well. She got her first passport at 8 months old, and over the years she has visited countries like Spain, Italy, Greece, and the United Kingdom. She has also taken many beach-centric trips throughout the Caribbean, Mexico, and the Bahamas, and she loves to travel on cruises and meet new faces and make new friends wherever she goes.

Lila’s love of travel stems from her happy childhood memories, coupled with her thirst for knowledge and desire to explore new cultures. She never gets tired of seeing new things or eating new, different foods. Having a family that shares her wanderlust for adventure is a special bonus since it keeps them close and helps make new memories year after year.

Not only does she love the adventure itself, but she also cherishes the preparation for each new trip. She loves looking at maps of prospective areas, searching for hotels, and finding restaurants to research in advance. Because of her worldly perspective, she is able to really savor when she visits new places nowadays, a fact which makes her very proud. She understands that traveling has helped her learn who she is as a person and she values the close relationships she’s built over the years.

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