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Some of my vacations have been to famous ports of call, such as Corsica, Rome, Barcelona, and Malta. Ports of call are intermediate stops while on a cruise. The cruises themselves are fun, but the ports give you the opportunity to go ashore and check out what each city is known for, get some pics, enjoy great food and buy some souvenirs. It was hard to be bored when there was so much to see and do at each port!


Corsica, France — This island in the Mediterranean has the most beautiful beaches, such as Palombaggia with its clear water and white sand. But it also had mountains, valleys, and forests. It reminded me of California, where a short drive took you to the beach, mountains or desert. There were hilltop villages that were amazing! And you know me with fashion; I had to check out the stores. The style in Corsica was very laid back, with casual dresses and shorts. Yet, it did get really cool at night, so it’s always good to travel with a sweater.


Rome, Italy — Rome was beautiful. Everywhere you looked was a piece of history, and I didn’t mind learning about them. The Colosseum is the most famous of landmarks and is right in the middle of Rome. It’s hard to imagine this amphitheater was used for gladiator matches and chariot racing. You can’t go to Italy and not have pasta and pizza! Best of all, the shopping district had everything from high-fashion to vintage.

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Barcelona, Spain —  Located in northern Spain, this city is a combination of old and new. There are old buildings and monuments and modern shops and markets. Walking the narrow streets and alleys was like going back in time — and the walls had intricate designs! There is so much to do, too. There were fiestas and festivities, beautiful beaches, and tons of shops.

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Malta — Located in the Mediterranean, this group of islands makes up the smallest country in Europe. It consists of three islands: Malta, Gozo, and Comino. Malta is the largest island, with beautiful buildings and hidden coves. The Blue Lagoon in Comino has water that is so blue! Malta, like Barcelona, is very colorful, with its red-gold beaches, limestone cliffs, and deep blue sea. And the food was interesting, since their cuisine is a mix of Italian, French, Arabic, and British.

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