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Travel is one of the best ways to learn about the world. There are many different cultures to explore, and sometimes these different cultures are present within the same country or city. To help would-be travelers navigate their world, several well-known travel experts have set up podcasts. Not only are travel podcasts a great source for information about travel, they can also be a great source for inspiration. Here are five of the top travel podcasts.


Travel With Rick Steves

One of the most famous travelers on earth is Rick Steves. He’s famous for his television show that visits some of the top travel destinations on earth as well as his travel guides on popular European destinations. On his podcasts, listeners can catch Steves interview some of the leading experts in the travel space. He also talks to locals who can let listeners in on some of the best out-of-the-way attractions for travelers to visit in their locales.


Women On The Road

This podcast does not dedicate itself to luxury travel. This podcast is located on the She Explores network, and it focuses on solo travel for women. The particular mode of travel that Women On The Road discusses is the van, which shows that it’s possible to have great experiences on a shoestring.


JUMP With Traveling Jackie

Jackie used to be known as the The Budget-Minded Traveler. Today, she’s set up her podcast to emphasize her penchant for jumping at famous landmarks around the world. Her current podcast format includes an “Ask Jackie” segment that can help travelers as they plan to explore the world.


The Rough Guide To Everywhere

This podcast doesn’t focus on the more common bucket list travel destinations that the popular guidebooks will point travelers to. Rather, its intent is to expose listeners to the unique experiences that might be discussed in a pub because of their unbelievable nature.


Zero To Travel

Many of the more popular podcasts focus on taking an occasional trip and making the most of it. Zero To Travel is not one of those podcasts. Instead, it informs listeners on the process of moving abroad and finding a job in another land. Living abroad is the main topic of this podcast, not simply traveling abroad.