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It’s exciting going to another country. There are different customs, fashion designers and foods. There is also the opportunity to learn a new language and explore fun and interesting places and landmarks. In London, there are many places to explore and some are a must-see, especially for teens. I am not talking about the museums, although they do have great exhibits, but shopping districts, restaurants and attractions. It’s also where music and fashion are a huge influence. Below are some places you should check out when visiting London.

Hard Rock Cafe — This was the first Hard Rock restaurant where the “classes mingled.”  It was established in June of 1971, when rock and roll was taking form. The Hard Rock Cafe is the “Ambassador of Rock,” and the memorabilia on the walls proves it. The restaurant has locations around the world, including Paris and Washington, D.C. Aside from the rock memorabilia, it boasts an American menu and has a huge sundae with sparklers! It is the best place to experience music and pop culture at the same time. It even has its own gift shop! When in London, a Hard Rock t-shirt should definitely be one of your souvenirs.

Piccadilly Circus — This isn’t a circus with clowns; it’s actually a popular intersection in the West End section of London. The word “circus” is Latin in origin and means circle, which was commonly used by the Romans. Think of it as London’s version of Times Square in New York City. There tons of lights, people and shops. Nearby is the theatre district and Leicester Square. This square is where the world premieres of films in Britain are held and is nicknamed “Theatreland,” just as we have Hollywood. If you love Shakespeare, there is a large statue of him in the park located in the center of the square. 

The London Dungeon — This is part history and part entertainment. The London Dungeon has a long history dating back a 1,000 years and recreates the gory and dark moments of the city’s past. It became a tourist attraction in the 1970s, but the atmosphere is still reminiscent of the gruesome deaths that occurred in it. It has become an interactive experience with a cast of characters telling stories of cruelty and pain, including Jack the Ripper, Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot and the plague of the 17th century. It’s not for little kids, and it will make your trip memorable.