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Road trips are a great way to see parts of the U.S. without dealing with the issues that come about when flying (e.g. getting or renewing a passport). It also gives you opportunities to make pit stops at fun spots, such as farmers’ markets, landmarks and restaurants. A great road trip to take is to Massachusetts. This state offers a lot in terms of great food and activities. Here are the top five places you should visit:


  1. Boston — Not only is there a great deal of history here, but the location is beautiful. Downtown Boston has a number of stores and boutiques that you are sure to score a signature piece of clothing. One place you must see if Faneuil Hall Marketplace, a collection of historical buildings and a promenade that houses shops and restaurants, such as the Cheers Bar and Local Charm. There are also events, musicians, magicians and more. While in the city, be sure to take a tour (bus or walking). It’s a great way to learn about Boston’s history as well as explore neighborhoods. 
  2. Salem — There is no better place to be at Halloween than in Salem. A short drive from Boston, Salem has its own history as well as a town square full of shops, restaurants and museums. Don’t forget to get a psychic reading! Salem offers a number of psychics, magick shops and holistic wares. 
  3. Plymouth — Step back in time with this replica of a village built by the pilgrims. Plimoth Plantation is a cool place where people dress in 17th century costume and show visitors how they lived without breaking character. Imagine not having electricity, running water or indoor plumbing! There is a recreation of a Wampanoag village, where the descendents of the area’s first inhabitants show how they lived before and with the pilgrims. If you love boats, you’ll want to check out the restored MAYFLOWER ship and Lowell’s Boat Shop. 
  4. Cambridge — This is the home of Harvard University. You’ll feel smarter by just touring the campus. After the tour, check out Harvard Square. It’s a collection of shops, museums, restaurants, and bookstores. It is also a hub for authors, poets, printers and more. 
  5. Martha’s Vineyard — This iconic location is still a great place to visit in the cooler months. Aside from the beaches, there are charming towns with plenty of shops that feature unique clothing collections, books, pantry items and crafts. Also, there are plenty of outdoor activities (e.g.horseback riding) and restaurants to check out.