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Did you ever notice that when we think of vacations, we are usually planning trips to other states or countries? We don’t think about checking out the attractions and restaurants in the major city not far from our homes. Some even think a staycation is something you do if you don’t have the money to go on a decent trip. This is simply not true! A staycation is a great way to explore the city near your home and it’s a welcome break from a long car ride or flight. Plus, there’s no customs to deal with. Being a tourist in your own city is fun and you get to find its hidden gems, such as a cool restaurant or a unique museum exhibit. Here are a few things I’ve experienced on my Washington, D.C. staycation.


  1. Bird Scooters — Before you judge, these scooters are so much fun. Already in San Diego and San Francisco, these dockless scooters are a great way to explore the District. There are about 400 scooters and covers all four quadrants, including Logan Circle and the U Street corridor.
  2. Jeni’s Ice Cream — A summer (or anytime) visit to the Federal City isn’t complete without a trip to Jeni’s on 14th Street. There are a ton of toppings and flavors to choose from, so it’s better to go in knowing what you want. What makes this ice cream stand out is the buttercream body and they don’t use any artificial flavors or dyes. They also offer dairy-free flavors!
  3. Momofuko — This cool restaurant makes the most amazing bing bread wraps. The wrap is the creation Momofuku CCDC chef Tae Strain, who wanted a new dish away from ramen and pork buns. These delicious wraps are filled with pork, lamb and edamame. And there’s no need to wait for a table, since there is now a to-go counter.
  4. Paddle Boats — If you’re looking for a fun activity, paddle boating in the Jefferson Memorial title basin is the ticket. These boats give you a great view of the Jefferson Memorial and provide a mini-workout. You can rent a two- or four-person paddle boat or a swan boat. They are very popular in the warmer months, so it’s best to get there early!
  5. Museums — There a number of museums to explore, so you’re bound to find one you haven’t been to or viewed a new exhibit. For example, The National Museum of African American History and Culture is one to see. It is the newest museum of the Smithsonian Institute with 36,000 artifacts. Upcoming events include News in the Age of Generation Y and Social Media, Musical Crossroads – Step by Step: The Ruby Bridges Suite, and Investigating The Contributions Of Dr. Charles Drew.